The results of the Middlemore Parking Consultation have been published by Daventry District Council and can be downloaded by clicking the following link:
CLICK HERE FOR DDC Middlemore Parking – Consultation Summary

These have now been passed to Northamptonshire County Council who will now review the consultation feedback and work with the road planning department on what (if any) actions they will take, we will of course update you with their decisions once known.

Reviewing the results and the comments made, it seems the majority of respondents supported the idea of some form of restrictions within the estate, however many also noted that while restrictions are necessary, people have to park somewhere and currently there appears to be no information on how that issue is to be resolved.

One thing that was repeatedly mentioned by many respondents was the speed of the buses within the estate, whether they are speeding or due to their size it appears they are is not known, but the number of residents reporting the same thing is a concern and we will forward these results onto Stagecoach and make them aware of the bus speeds within the estate.