We all understand how frustratingly slow broadband speeds are on Middlemore, what’s even more frustrating for many is that some of Middlemore can receive fibre and some cannot. Well today we have some good news!

Work has been announced today that between 26th May and 09th June, BT (or their contractors) will be installing a new fibre cabinet and ducting to connect to the old cabinet on Claydon road. (note – dates still subject to change if problems are encountered)

After months of continually hassling our contacts within the Superfast Project on behalf of the residents of Middlemore we can finally see some firm dates being agreed, this is the first step in a very long process, but we are getting there now.

Once the cabinet is installed a lot of other work needs to be done, so this isn’t a quick process for example: Power needs to be installed, ducting has to be installed, fibre cable installed, then copper connections made to the old cabinet and many more things) we would therefore expect (subject to no further delays being incurred) that fibre broadband should be available by the end of September/October 2014 (dates are our “guestimate” based on other cabinets time-scales from installation to live – nothing is confirmed by BT/Superfast).

We believe that this should cover all the existing housing, however some of the very new housing may be connected to yet another cabinet located on the industrial park which is not part of this planned update.

We will of course update you all as and when we learn any further details.