** Please note the below information has been changed by BT on the 12/02/2013 – See comments section for further information, at this moment in time we are awaiting confirmation from BT why the installation date has suddenly been changed from 31/03/13 to 31/3/14 **

At the beginning of the year it was noted by Middlemore reader Kevin that the BT broadband checker was now showing that FTTC broadband would be available by 31st March 2013 for his Middlemore address.

In slight disbelief I checked out the results as just the day before I had been told by BT that there still was no time-scales for when this would be happening, but sure enough the checker returned positive results showing that I too would be able to receive fibre broadband.

However, checking with a number of properties within the Middlemore estate, it was found that some properties are still being listed as not being able to receive the upgrade, it would seem that the newest of the properties built are connected to a different cabinet than the older part of the estate and only the older part is being upgraded.

After a bit of research it would appear that BT have a habit of only upgrading the cabinets where all houses have been built, leaving the cabinets where new houses are still being built without the upgrade until such time that all houses are built. Now this is only speculation and we have asked a number of BT representatives as well as local Daventry councillors and Northamptonshire County Councillors to help get to the bottom of this with us for the last month, but unfortunately BT are being tight lipped as to why only some and not all of Middlemore is being upgraded stating commercial reasons for selecting which cabinets are upgraded.

To check if you will be able to receive Fibre broadband, simply enter your details into the following broadband checker

If the results show similar to the below, (note red circled line) then FTTC will be available to you


However if the results show similar to this, without the FTTC line as circled above, then Fibre broadband is not currently going to be available.



So whilst it is fantastic news for some, sadly for other properties the misery of poor performing broadband continues. If you are not able to receive the upgrade it is strongly suggested by both BT and our Councillors that you show there is demand for Fibre broadband by registering your interest for the upgrade at the following two sites:

Northampton County Council Superfast Broadband Survey:

BT / Openreach Register Your Interest Website:

The Middlemore residents association are actively pursuing BT to try and change this partial upgrade to a full one to ensure that all of Middlemore is upgraded, obviously it will help with our requests for the upgrade by ensuring that as many people as possible show their support by registering with the sites listed above.

Any further news that we get regarding this will be posted on this web-site.