Tonight, planning application DA/2012/0310 for building 45 rented properties on the school site (Site 10) was approved by the Daventry Council planning committee.

This is obviously very disappointing news and over the next few days we will be investigating what options we have left to us, as well as the offer of other land within Middlemore that could house a school.

At this point in time, so soon after the planning committee meeting, it is far to early to announce what these options could be.

It was disappointing to note several planning committee members who had provided their support in the run up to the meeting did not attend to cast their vote, equally it was extremely disappointing that Councillor David James who claims to represent the Middlemore area proceeded to vote to approve the planning application (obviously he seems to have forgotten who he is representing, one to note for council election times I think! – admin3)

We’d like to thank everyone for their support and we hope that the chance for a local school will continue.