One of the problems that many Middlemore residents contact us about is the poor performance of broadband connections within the estate.

Northampton county council have pledged £4million to improve the county’s broadband speed, this funding has been matched by central government thus giving £8m in total funding, furthermore it was recently announced that Northamptonshire would be in the first wave of a national framework for a roll-out programme to improve internet speeds along with 4 other counties nation wide.<
Northamptonshire County Council have set their target as providing 90% Superfast coverage by 2015 and 100% Superfast coverage by 2017, they have also described Superfast broadband as being as MINIMUM of 30Mb/sec 

Middlemore residents association have been in contact with Northampton County Council to ensure that the poor speeds that the estate receives are highlighted and that there is a real demand for Superfast broadband to be provided to us as quickly as possible

How can you help?
Well the first step is to ensure that you show your support for gaining Superfast broadband within the development, the higher the local demand the quicker the plans are to roll it out to that location. 

To show there is demand for Superfast broadband NCC have developed an on-line survey, please fill this survey in and encourage your neighbours and friends on Middlemore to do the same.

NCC Survey:
IMPORTANT: Question 2, Which parish do you live in? YOU MUST ENTER “MIDDLEMORE”

Further details will be made available as the Council’s scheme progresses.