If you have previously voiced your opinion on the need for a Middlemore primary school your details have been forwarded to Councillor Long who will be in touch with you all.

If you wish to be involved please post a comment and your details will be forwarded on to him.

Middlemore School

Northamptonshire as a County Council decided to support the continuation of village schools. Because of this, throughout the county, there are currently more  places in junior schools than children to take them up. The County Council’s considered position is, taking into account the current austere national  financial position, that there is no justification to build any further junior schools at present. These were the reasons given for not building the school on Middlemore following my fights, ( both at Daventry & Northampton) to get the promised junior school constructed. I have made further representations regarding this decision, so far to no avail,  because the currently available school places are not close to the location where the  children who require them  live.

Monksmore School

The next major housing development to be started in Daventry will be Monksmore. This will be a development of 1,000 dwellings. Because of the number of new children who will live on Monksmore combined with those who currently live on Middlemore, ( and those who will in future will reside on Middlemore, including the two new phases which are to be opened up), a new primary school is scheduled to be built here. The present time scale for this will two / three years.