An update from our contact at the DDH in regard to ASB issues…

I have spoken to our Community Safety Team and they will start a file on issues at the vale.  They will need a contact so they can start with some basic information about what is going on.  I have given them your email address and sent them a link of the website so they can see what kind of comments are being made.

The contact is Claire Smith, or phone 01327 302519
Their general advice is that if residents want to raise complaints about asb issues they need to report this (to Claire) so that we can raise a case on it and they will then investigate.  However, if there is criminal behaviour (assault, threatening behaviour, criminal damage (vandalism, graffiti) then residents should contact the Police, even if there is already an open case with the council (but in that case they should let the Police know there is an ongoing issue when they report).