Lynne Newbould, Middlemore Resident, writes…

When the consultation happened regarding the use of the Vale, the objections were against a young children’s playground. It was decided that the space should be left as a green field so that all the residents can use it.

Well, it’s obvious that the only users are older children. The amount of litter is appalling. I felt quite uneasy walking past a group, whose language and volume were quite inappropriate. Fortunately my daughter was too young to understand. The area is quickly becoming a no go zone after dark.

In contrast, the Country park this afternoon was very busy. Lots of young families enjoying the play equipment, having picnics, kicking a football around!

So yes, a royal wedding party on the Vale would be great, but a decent, safe play area would have been a better long term option to bring the community together.

ps. if your child is out playing, ask them to put their litter in the bins provided.